Simple dressroom

Hello everyone. Im asking for your help coz my skills at any kind of programming is below zero. I want to create dressroom for my folio, but i don’t know where to start. I need 4 functions: fixed camera where target is model, ui buttons that will change diff,normal and spec maps, repitable animation (swithching) and model parts (switching). I have some questions.

  1. how to manipulate with camera angle, position and target - noob question, right?
  2. where to dig to find parameters of map combination switching - really dunno where to start with this info.
  3. animation repeat and switching - where to read about it?
  4. Meshes atached to bones - will it contain info about bone attachment and skining and how to attach it in engine (basic information or wiki links would be enough)?

Try checking out the sample 3rd Person template, the character blueprint will show you how to move camera angle around, and target things.
Not sure what you mean by map combination switching…
This : might help on how to control animations with blueprints
And finally I think, when you make a pawn blueprint or something, you can set up sockets on bones, and then use blueprints to attach stuff to those sockets. Try this link : , at the very bottom it talks about attaching with blueprint

Not sure what you mean by map combination switching… - switching pack of maps on mesh (diff_01, nrml_01 to diff_02,nrml_02) by clicking gui button.