Simple Door Blueprint with optional side to be opened.

This aims for a door to rotate in just one direction. But added an option to set it up in the details to turn clockwise or unclockwise.(maybe ill try to implement the option to open it always away from the player if the option both side is on, it will be 3 ways to setup the door)
With the simplest trigger box to enable/disable player input.

The trigger box is set to only overlap pawn in the box details.
The sm_door is set to blockall in the details.

About the component structure i have created a child actor component to serve as a top parent of everything( like it would be when you create an empty blueprint, but this way leaves img of it in the viewport, my metode does not, it just make it clean, doesnt matter which really) and for some reason as much as i have not used this component to setup anything if i delete it and make the sm_door the top parent it will glitch the rotation. If you like you can create a empty blueprint and once there you can create a new component child actor and drag and drop it on top of the top parent later on if you will, doesnt matter when as long as both have same mobility. But it must have a top parent for the sm_door which must be static(guess it has something to do with world and local transformation, not sure)

The graphs and everything you need to know how this was done as fallows:

I welcome any ideas and suggestions. TY for your time.