Simple Dismemberment & Gore

Hey Community,

I found several solutions but nearly none of them is really using the “Break Constraint” function.

So I just played around with the UE4 Mannequin and tried to break the bone “neck_01” and the head got dismembered. Only bug on that seems to be the vertices, sticking to the head so there is a graphical error/bug between the neck and the dismembered head.

My question on that is:
How can I separate two bones on a skeletal mesh with “Break Constraint”?

So I googled around and people showed me this YouTube Video:UE4 Dismemberment - YouTube
He creates two fully rigged skeletal meshes as components and spawns them on “kill” as proxies with a given force for the ragdoll.
And so I tried it this way with success, but complex animations are not synced and the head will have a different delayed moving.

My thoughts for a possible solution now:
Can I create two full rigged skeletal meshes (head & body like in the YouTube video) and attach the head to a socket on the body to sync the animations and should “Break Constraint” work on that?

Would be so much easier instead of spawning proxies like in the YouTube video.

Important is to break the bone in the animation to get a physical correct dismemberation.

Is anybody experienced with that?


you could also make the victim of this horrible fate a modular character. I have been working on Robots that when you shoot them they have parts and those parts are all attached separately to the main frame mesh. Then using master component I sync their anims together. As the player shoots them they start loosing these pieces and the eventually get destroyed by selecting which mesh is being damaged.

I know this isn’t exactly what you were asking but it is a simpler easier way :smiley:

You have to have some experience with 3D seeing as how I saw you were using a mixamo character. Basically you could set up the skeletal mesh without a mat. Then cut the mixamo character mesh into pieces. Head, arms, torso and legs. You wouldn’t be changing the skeleton just the mesh. Detect the hit point and remove that mesh when hit and add physics and blood to it to make it tasty :smiley:

*OH ya there is a problem though. Destroying the main skeletal mesh generally will make all the submeshes go to. That problem I haven’t really worked out yet. *

As far as i know doing this in BP is impossible without a small bit of C++ code behind it.

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the BP /C++ workflow for this for some months now and starting to get a hunch of how it’s working, but it still is a bit too abstract to fully embrace into a working “state of mind”, especially the c++ part… would love to understand what leads up to using USkeletalMeshComponent::BreakConstraint… i.e whats needed before and after this call… hmm… in time hopefully.

Anyway just wanted to add this if you hadn’t seen it… UE4 Gibs Tutorial Pt. 1/4 UE4 Gibs Tutorial Pt.2/4 UE4 Gibs Tutorial Pt. 3/4 UE4 Gibs Tutorial Pt. 4/4… i love the excited little laugh at 35.19 in this last video…

It’s a pity many interesting tuts fall into deep sleep before finished… especially this from Jeff LaMarche UE4 Gore Mesh (Gibs) Tutorial Preview this i would love to see in code ( i didn’t link to the original thread… don’t know if it would lead to any security issues for users.)


Bump. Hi there Anyone can share a solution for simple dismemberment without graphic issue? found something answered like this but no idea how to implement : game physics - How to create simple dismemberment in Unreal Engine 4 - Stack Overflow in Advance