Simple Destructible Meshes

Just made this quickly, showing that you can make destructibles out of any mesh

So you made these meshes destructable simply using UE4, right? How do you go about setting this up? Cheers.

Yes, it is all done in UE4. Sadly i’m about to leave for work now so i don’t have time to show right now. When i get back in 5 hours i will create and upload some tutorials on youtube showing exactly how to achieve these results and how to implement cool effects with them.

Perfect! I’m counting on you.

Uploading a two part tutorial right now… country internet :mad: …28 minutes remaining

Can’t wait! The effect looks amazing, just think with some light and get that effect on a nice scene, hot darn! Can’t wait for the tutorial, any tutorial is a great tutorial :slight_smile:

Thanks , can’t wait to check them out!

they are out, its a two part tutorial, i created a thread for them