Simple Credits System

Hey guys!

I’ve been working on a simple little credits system that turns a string such as this:

Josh Steinhauer: ;
Brian Palit: Game Designer;
William Tang: Programmer;
David Chang: Head Artist;
Chang Wu: 2D Artist;

Into this:

It’s not complete, but I’m wondering if this brings any interest, and whether I should finish it and release it to the community. You could choose whether to include a custom blueprint node that loads a text file holding the string (C++) or simply read a literal variable. :smiley:

Eventually, I could add:
-Categories (Music, SFX, Art, etc)
-Multiple names per title

So. Anyone interested? :slight_smile:

It could be interesting maybe you can add a video for it ? :slight_smile:

Do it :stuck_out_tongue: someone will use it for sure

Im interested in it Paid or free ?.. also the external text file seems to be the easiest method for us to modify… but yeah sounds great…

Go for it! One is coming to the marketplace soon but the price probably going to be a bit high for some given what it is, so I think lots will like a tutorial :slight_smile:

I don’t understand the point of it.

Isn’t it just easier to put an image in a scroll box and animate the scrolling? :open_mouth: