Simple Create/Join session doesn't work

I am just testing the simplest create/session node.
My character works just fine when I directly “PIE” in the actual game map. I’ve tested with 2 or more clients and running with/without dedicated servers.

However, when I try to add a menu, like MultiplayerShootout example does, it stops working. I can successfully create a session, jump to actual game map(from menu), and have the other client join the game and see each other. However I have no control over either character. The game is running as I can print stuff in “tick” event, but I cannot control characters in both clients.
The Gamemode options(default pawn/default player controller) for actual gameplay levels are correctly setup. I haven’t implemented OnPostLogin cause in Multiplayer Shootout example they are used to initilize UI and respawn, so I think it should run without custom OnPostLogin logic.

This is my game instance setup. Those events are triggered by two buttons from menu level.

I haven’t changed anything like online subsystem, as I hope to get the simplest stuff running in LAN first.
The multiplayer shootout example works just fine.

Any suggestion to this problem? Thanks!

Alright…problem solved
I reinstalled engine twice, recreated 3 similar projects and still did not find the problem.

Then I found out that I set input mode to “UI only” in main menu, and forgot and set it back for actual gameplay…So now in my playercontroller beginplay I set input mode back to game only, everything works fine now…