Simple Collision Box issue

Can anyone Help? I added a simple “Collision Box” to the Sedan blueprint, so I could detect if a player is standing near a door. But the collision box is causing the car to lean to one side like there is some kind of force, mass, or collision pulling/pushing the car mesh (root component) down to one side.

It is something to do with collision because it only happens when collision is enabled on the “Collision Box”. Here are my settings for the “Collision Box”:

  • Generate Overlap Events = True
  • Collision Enabled = “No Physics Collision”
  • Object Type = “World Dynamic”
  • Collision Responses = Everything to Overlap

This behavior does not happen in v4.7.6, but it does happen in v4.8.1. What has changed?

In v4.8.1 if I take the Mesh Component (root component) and attach a “scene component” to it, then attach the “collision box” to the “scene component” the effect of force, mass, or collision pulling/pushing the car mesh (root component) does not happen any more. Have I fixed the issue or just covered it up?

Could some please help me understand what is happening, the more detail the better please?

Hello ,

This is currently known and under investigation to see if this result is intended. However, the current workaround is to add simulated physics to the collision box. I hope that this information helps.

Make it a great day

Thanks so much for getting back to me. You have saved me countless hours i would have wasted.

Should have checked the bugtrak i just assumed i was the problem. Do you have a link to the issue?

I have found a work around and also updated my question.

Could you please take another look at it and help me understand why this is happening?