Simple Character movement by touch?


Can any one help me with creating a simple touch movement (or atleast it sounds simple =D) I want that the character moves in X & Y Axis like in ThirdPerson examble but I want it to move by Drag when touching the character. (Hold touch on character and move character in Y & X) Just can’t figure it out and cant really find any tutorials about it so I hope you can help me in here, Thanks!

Here is more about the game so I hope you can understand me a bit more =)
So basically the game is going to be like this:

And I want that the box moves by holding the box with touch and moving it across the screen and on release it stays where I dragged the box.

  • Matthew

Hi man,
You can take a look at the touch event and get hit under finger Inconsistent 'get hit result under finger by channel' returns - Unreal Engine Forums

Basically you check if the touch hit a specific actor , and when that happenz, you save the touch position , Get Input Touch State | Unreal Engine Documentation
at every tick you can check if the new location of the touch is greater X or lesser X , greater Y or lesser Y, to know if you are dragging in a specific direction