Simple character from Pawn BP class. Problem with capsule collisions/physics

Hi guys :slight_smile:
Probably too much text but… :slight_smile:
Also sorry about english, im not natively speak on them.

During some learning about unreal engine 4 i starting to create some really simple first person character from Pawn BP class. Yes, i know that engine allready have many templates for various needs, and have character bp class but as i say its for learning purposes and so on, so im specially avoiding character bp class.
Character should be able to **walk, sprint, crouch **and also have ability to walk in uneven surfaces, the ladder’s for example. Therefore cause it’s means that Z position of character in the world shold be changing during play, or it’s can be formulated as: character shold be stuck to the surface (because of gravity), we need some real or fake physics, othervice our character will always fly on some Z plane and will not fall from ladder stairs.

So i starting from easy way and really hope that problem that this way are causing can be solving. I enable physics on **capsule **and starting to add crouching animation which are should be smooth for nice and realistic look.
Everythings works but looks like collision from capsule calculating only on certain condition like any movement. Otherwice they will not be updating.

This is starting condition:

Character are in standing state (set capsule half height 95 units)

Then i press** crouch** button, capsule shrink in Z axis cause we set capsule half height 55 units through **lepr **where’s alpha are simple **timeline **for smooth transition.

Everything’s great but if character doesnt move or look around and we press crouch button again whats will happen:

As you can see on the screenshot there’s no any collision from capsule and floor happening. Capsule change their sizes as it should, but infiltrate the floor till we move or look around.
When we make any movement’s **capsule **will emidietly pop up on the floor.
I can continue pressing the **crouch button **and collision will not happening till i move.

Can some one help my with that problem, please? :slight_smile: