Simple character BP

IS there a tutorial that can learn me how to make a simple character creator with sliding morhphing face big hand etc/…

I am sorry, but i think there isn’t a tutorial for this. For all i know, you have to manipulate ther Vertices of the characters face. But i doesn’t do that in the past. I can’t help you out.

I did not get that far i need in future when i come to that but i want to see how it can get with BP and can it be done will effect the performance in the game

You can do that for sure, you can create a UMG widget with the slider and an event dispatcher that takes a name input and a float input for the slider value. Change the name value to whatever the morph target name is in your mesh. Then call the event dispatcher in the OnValueChanged event for your slider. In the player controller or whatever add the widget and assign it to the event dispatcher. Then do something like Get Player Pawn and cast it to your character, then do Set Morph Target and hook it up to the event dispatcher event.

Yeah kind of make sense :slight_smile: