Simple Chaos destruction not working to defracture mesh based on one-time damage event

I’m currently tring to get a simple Chaos destruction to work. I converted a Static Mesh to a Geometry Collection and placed it inside a Level.
I have set the Object Type from Dynamic to Static to prevent the Object to destructure directly on spawn.

After some delay I call AddRadialImpulse on the Object, however nothing happens.

I only found tutorials mentioning Field Systems, however I only need a one-time damage effect, which does not have to last over an interval.

Are Field Systems required that the Object takes damage at all, or can one-time damage be achieved through a single function call? Im looking for a way to apply one-time damage on a specific location on the actor.

The Geometry Collection seems to be set up correctly because if the Object is set to ‘Dynamic’, it drops down and gets defractured into pieces as shown below:


[Solved] It seems like the Chaos Field system is the only way to alter a Chaos simulation