Simple casting problem!


Use the node: “GetAllActorsOfClass”, then drag a “GET” node from it and hook to the object there.

PS: In the Get all actors of class node, select the actor you want: airship. And probably you will not need the cast node anymore.



Hey guys simple casting problem. I want the variable stored in the actor blueprint airship. So I cast to airship from the blueprint actor type focuscamera, and I dont know what to put into the object slot.

I know when casting for example to a character you need to add the character controller.

any help would be greatly appreciated

Casting =/= Getting object

You need to get object reference pointing to airship first and you plug it to “Target” pin, you only need to cast if object type is not type you want

The what “FilipeTessaro” said is just one way of getting object, there many others. In case of “Get all actors of class” remember to do it once to get a object, it very preference expensive node

As it seems oyu lacking basic knowlage about object and classes here oyu got my tutorial about it:

I watched your tutorial and it was very helpful.

thanks for your help Felipe!