Simple Casino Slot Machine Wheel in Blueprint - Newbie Question

Hi guys,

I have desperately been trying to make a single wheel rotate around to simulate a wheel in a slot machine using Blueprints

The wheel consist of 15 faces (24 degrees per item):

So for each 24 degree a rotate the wheel, the face of the slot machine will change perfectly.

I have tried many different ways of randomizing a number between 0-15 and then calculating the angle of the wheel - eg.

Random number = 3
3 * 24 = 72 degrees

Then set pitch to 72 degree.

That all works! But as soon as I want to generate a new number and move to that position, I get stuck. I have tried using Set Actor Rotation and Set Actor Relative Rotation, but I can’t succeed.
Does any one have an idea for an approach and what function I need?
I want it to animate, so I made a timeline and used a Lerp.

Anyone please help!

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Have you experimented with a physics approach? You could physically spin the wheel and then when it rests you could use the rotation value to determine what face is showing.

you complicate it as much as possible, and the game itself is not perfect, mb, try something different

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