simple camera animation

I’m very new to unreal; this is one of those ‘I don’t know what I don’t know’ questions.

I want to set some predefined camera coordinates, and then have my camera simply animate from one set of coordinates to the next as I click an input. I don’t want the camera to have any kind of ‘free look’ ability.

Seems straightforward to me, but I can’t seem to find a solution here (probably because I’m not sure if I’m asking the right questions). Any links or suggestions would be very appreciated.

Create cameras at those locations and then create variables for them in Level BP. Now in level BP you can switch between those cameras using Set View Target with Blend node; you can find it in Palette tab > Library. Let me know if you cant manage it and i’ll try to post a screenshot.

so does the term ‘set view target’ mean that you are telling a camera to look at a particular target, or does it mean that you are targeting / referring to a particular camera?

It means referring to a particular camera. For each transition you plug the player controller to Target input, and the next camera to New View Target input. If you want smooth transitions you can set a blend time value, otherwise it will be instantaneous.

Not in a new blueprint, but in the Level Blueprint. Once you create your cameras select them all > go to level BP > Right click and create references for those cameras. Now you should see the variables(blue capsules) that reference those cameras. Connect the first camera to New View Target input. Now to switch to other cameras every time you hit P, create a MultiGate node and plug P’s Pressed output to it, and then the first output to the view target with blend node. Copy the blend node and player controller(ctrl+c to copy ctrl+v to paste) as many times as your cameras and connect them all accordingly. It will look like this in the end:

MultiGate node has 2 outputs by default but you can ad as many as you like with Add Pin button.

i created a new blueprint and stuck a camera in it. In that blueprints event graph I tried this:

I don’t know how to get a reference to the other camera in my level from here.

thanks for your replies (and patience).

thank you Jacky - this was a huge help!