Simple boutton ?

Hello there, It’s been 3 nights of total frustration over a simple boutton. Why is it so complicated ?
I can’t get a simple “hover” effect without tons of barely working workarounds, what am I doing so wrong, or what didn’t I get with this blueprint stuff.

I first animated a boutton, then couldn’t find a way to have it react to a mouse hovering, I then created a separate widget with only graphics, with a mouse enter and leave to trigger animations.
It looks like what I want to do, but when I import this widget in my menu, I feel that my only choice it to wrap it inside a boutton, but now I have padding issues even though I removed every padding I could find. This is so frustrating, it feels like every time I get an idea, it just shows me it’s impossible and gives me a bunch of new problems.

I mean how hard would it be to create an object, make it hoverable/clickable/…

Please help !

Check out StormRage256’s free UMG Menu
This should give you exactly what you need to understand how to make a button.
Literally taught me so much about UMG just from ONE menu :slight_smile:

I think you’re making it way harder than it needs to be.

Buttons come with all those effects already in the style section of UMG

if you need to do something else fancy, execute from your event tick. get button –> is hovered –> branch –> do things.

Thanks a lot Demrok and !

I think I got it right this time, only one problem remains, the animation, before hovering it, starts at the last frame, any idea ?