Simple blueprint camera system

I’m looking to create a simple blueprint camera system.
Essentially I just want a camera(without any sort of character / object attached to it), that I can give the instruction to move to an arbitrary location and to rotate to an arbitrary rotation.
I’m guessing I need a Pawn blueprint with a camera component, and then I should use something like Teleport to do this.
Unfortunately, none of the setups I tried have worked.

It seems to me like the camera component does not in fact rotate along with my actor.
How can I solve this problem?

I can move the actor and the camera moves along with it just fine, only the rotation doesn’t seem to work.
I can’t use functions like Teleport on the component specifically because it can’t be cast to work that way as far as I’m aware.
Using something like Set Relative World Rotation also doesn’t work on the component. Nothing happens.

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards,

try to download the blueprints content example free project and have a look at the camera system. You’ll find there all what you need (set up and basic stuff ).

If you have trouble to set it, don’t hesitate to use this thread to show your troubles. Lots of people will try to help you if they can.