Simple bending of hair/cloth for illusion of directional wind?

This is not for a game but to render out frames, so I need it to work in sequencer. I’ve been searching, researching a lot, on and off, I come back with not much. Wondering if anyone knows a simple method.

All I want is to flutter forehead hair clump, t-shirt sleeves etc for the illusion of directional wind. Nothing realistic.

  1. Use simple wind and vertex paint. Problem is controlling direction of wind and hair mesh cutting into character. Also simple wind motion is not that good.

  2. Bone animation? If I rig the hair and clothes with bone, Is there a way to add directional wind/noise (parametrized) to it? Which works in the viewport and sequencer.

  3. I separate hair/clothes mesh and create and import animation of fluttering in different speed and direction. Seems dumb.

  4. I drink myself to sleep and someone cleverer blesses me with some wisdom.


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