Simple Asteroid System

Simple Asteroid System

Now on the Marketplace](Simple Asteroid System in Blueprints - UE Marketplace)

I have just released my very first Asset on the UE4 Marketplace, the Simple Asteroid System in short SAS.

**Description **

The Simple Asteroid System (in short: SAS) gives you the ability to quickly add a procedural asteroid belt to your game level. It uses a radial chunk spawning system, which means, it only spawns objects that are near your player pawn(Follow Actor of the SAS). You can specify the spawn distances, chunk amounts, asteroid density as well as many other options directly in the spawned SAS Blueprint Instance.

● Procedural Chunk Spawning
● Supports Actor Objects, Static Mesh and Paper 2D Sprites
● Default and additional randomization for rotation and scaling, includes Uniform Scaling Option
● Changeable Follow Actor for chunk generation and cleanup (by default: Player Pawn)
● Parameters to improve performance or to customize the spawned belt
● Debug Visualization while in Editor and in-game. Especially useful for very large belts
● Includes a demo level with examples of Asteroid Belts

Getting Started:

Documentation: PDF Link

For more information visit the Marketplace: Simple Asteroid System on the Marketplace](Simple Asteroid System in Blueprints - UE Marketplace)

If you have any questions or have found problems while using this asset, please contact me or write a comment.