Simple Assets


I got the first release of UE4 but did not have time to use it. This is my first time sitting down for a few hours and just messing around with the engine. I decided to create some very simple assets. And just see what I got. So this is what I have. Don’t know how far I will go with this but any commets or crits are much welcomed. Also I know about some of the size issues, just not fixed them.


Just a Quick Update, I decided to add some more simple assets. so just though I would share it here

C&C welcomed


Looking cool :slight_smile: Would be nice to see a bit more color used in the assets. Also I know lighting probably wasn’t your worry but using anything other than a perfectly white light will make your stuff look more realistic as pure white lights pretty much never occur in real life.

Hi evilmrfrank

I actually started to add colour, yesterday. I just added some basic props/placeholders. as for the light you are right you never see 100% white light, but while im building my scene i’m going to keep it like that, during final tweaks or somewhere down the light I might make it a slight off-blue color. anyway this is the scene so far. thanks for your reply

Just a quick and simple update, won’t be able to do much for the next few days as I need to work.


Nice, it’s starting to give me a nice space cadet feeling :slight_smile:

This actually looks quite good. I’m looking forward to seeing more updates.

So I got a little time after work, I decided to change those flooring tiles, they seemed kind of odd to me. although besides that not much has changed. however I have attached a video so you can give back some better crotz.

When I get time I will also be changing the roof. and adding some assets on the walls maybe some kind of security/biometric system.



Hey All.

So I got some time off work, and decided to start to alter the the layout. and so I removed those chairs at the back and started to build up more of a visualy apleasing area.

C&C Welcome. im now going to gather some more ideas and start to implement them, Will update as soon as I have something more tangible.


Hi All

So This is a slow project so far. but here is what I have done, I replaced the roof. Decided to remove the chairs in the center… well almost all of them, and opt for some kind of futuristic command style map display. I spent some time on the material on this. as it animates with binary moving on the screen and the map grid also moves and so on and so forth. anyway as you can also see I added some servers to the back of the room aswell as some other basic bits of props. that ultimately need to be remade to a better standard.

It’s hard to see what’s going on, on the table so here is the material so you can get an idea so far.
Any Comments and Crtz are much welcomed at this point.


Some hard surfaces have smooth normals. That makes them generate a kinda strange lighting, but overall this looks super cool!