Simple ArchViz system

Here you can ask any of your questions or express your opinion about my asset: Simple Archviz System. Thanks for attention :slight_smile:
Description (from marketplace):

I present to your attention a system of architectural visualization. This system allows you to easily configure the interior of a house or apartment. It is very easy to use because it has an intuitive interface and convenient controls. It includes a system for installing objects by drag and drop, a system for moving and rotating objects, and changing materials. You can save any of your changes in a separate slot, and load when you need them.

I am constantly updating this asset in order to make it even more convenient and functional. It is very important for me to know your opinion about him, because the only way I can do it better.

For any questions, contact me by e-mail or in a group at discord, I will be happy to answer all. Technical Details



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  • Furniture installation system
  • Material change system
  • Saving and loading system
  • Only blueprints
  • Easy customization

Number of Blueprints:24

Number of Widget Blueprints:17

Number of Unique Meshes:33

Number of Materials and Material Instances:53

Number of Textures:97

Texture Resolutions: 256/256 - 2048/2048

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes