Simple Animation with no Rig

Hi Guys!

I want to ask that what’s the proper workflow for animating any object that has no rig. I mean like a simple pickup (weapon ammo or something) in a game that is rotating, scaling, howering etc.
Earlier i’ve worked with unity and Its animation system works with any gameobjects. But as I see in unreal handles only rigged animations.
Please help me. :slight_smile:

Hi, if you only need to add a simple animation,

just create a level sequence and drag the object you want to track into it,
and then you can add any elements you’re going to track,

the rest will be similar as in Unity or any other 3d animation tool.

Thank You for your answer. I know sequence and I used it before but I wasn’t sure that’s the proper workflow for that.
So if I want to make one sequence for an object in a Blueprint and I want to instance this (example an ammo in an FPS game) I have to setup it in the Blueprint event graph to use the sequence in every instance. Am I right?

Hi, I think the usage of sequence is basically for scene transition…
so I don’t know if you can actually use it on gameplay mode.

there’s morph target that can be applied on static meshes before putting it into the scene.
but the animated meshes has to be created in Maya, Blender or any other 3d modeling apps
which includes animation tools so that you can exported the animated fbx format.

you can check the demo in the official example project

What’s a skeletal mesh morph target have to do with an ammo pickup??

Not sure what OP is trying to achieve…

Let’s say I have ammo. It’s 1999 and I’m working on a clone of GTA…

I can get the pickup to have any mesh as a variable - static mesh because memory is important.
I can add a timeline of 3 seconds, and update the Rotation of the item on the Z axis so that it spins around.
This BP can also have the rest of the code for a standard pickup.

I can then create child instances of the BP and differentiate different types of things, which also involves adding custom code on a per item basis.

And I can then pepper these “self animated” pickups around the world.
Keeping in mind that the items are not necessarily Instanced, so rendering a ton of them comes at a significant cost.

If thats what the OP is after, then the BP help section is probably where you want to ask for more specific details on how to actually implement this with interfaces and everything else it needs to be reusable.

If not, please explain a little better what your end goal is?

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