Simple and free launcher for Unreal Engine 4 packaged project


Just made a simple launcher for your Unreal Engine 4 packaged project for Windows.
Some of you have probably made one already, but if not, here’s one for free.

Se the post on my blog.
Source added!

Feel free to use it any way you like.

Now you don’t need those .bat files to launch your game!
The launcher gets all the resolutions on the screen the .exe is launched from.
I have only tested this on Windows 7 and 8.1 without any issues.
Please let me know if there is any trouble.


No offense but you packaged a project as closed-source from something that was open-source. Not only does that leave me skeptical but your executable is nearly 450kB, very large considering the source files of the originating project sum up to less than 6kB.

In other words, I’d recommend releasing your source – or perhaps pull your post if not.

Which project was it? I do agree that the executable size is quite large. My guess is it’s a Debug build, not a Release.

He linked it in his blog. “This launcher is partly based on the project fwzSetup from Gargaj.”

I don’t know how you could possibly make a cpp project so large when it performs such a simple task. I have projects with over 20,000 lines of code that compile around the same size. It’s just weird that something which could be done in a couple hundred lines is so large. Could be anything, maybe debug build like you said but 1 post and no source makes me unhappy.

Must have missed that.

I don’t get the point of these sorts of launchers… Unreal can change this all at run-time, so why not just build it into the game?

I have included the source now. The reason for file size was actually a bitmap file in the dialog still included, though not used.
The file size is still larger than a few kilobytes (162K) and that’s because of the icon file. Anyone can feel free to remove that as well.
That said, don’t expect super-clean code! This was made in a hurry, and I am in no way a professional at this.

Neur0t1c: The point is that a lot of people uses .bat files to run their home cooked games, and this can be a solution for that.

Well majority of the time people want to properly set the resolution, graphics settings and more before the game launches and crashes their computer…just a thought.