Simple 4.6 UMG project crashes with access violation errors

Not sure if this is the same issue for you, but i found that my 4.5 project, once upgraded to 4.6 would crash on the Openlevel node, they seem to have updated it, and the old one appears to crash, so if you have any OpenLevel nodes in your UMG or level, just recreate them with the new version and delete the old ones, see if that make any difference.

Hopefully this helps you!


I’ve been struggling with using UMG in 4.6 the last few days. After looking through my the logs and dxdiag, I’m continuing to see vague “access violation” errors during development. I’ve tried many things like verifying my installation and reinstalling 4.6. After reading reports of similar crashes, it seemed odd to me that others at least had some clues in the logs to go on. My logs usually say “Unknown Function” and “Unknown File”, which isn’t very helpful.

The crashes happened at various times (I was doing different things) so I decided to make a clean 4.6 project to reproduce the issue. This project I’m attaching is using UMG with widget nesting and two very simple click events: reset orientation+position and quit the game. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the attached project
  2. Click play (in viewport)
  3. Click the lower button (quit)
  4. See crash

I’ve left previous crashes in the “Saved” folder so you can see multiple examples. I would like to know whether it’s something I’m doing wrong in the blueprints, something with my hardware/OS setup or a bug in the engine. Any tips on how I could debug this kind of issue myself would be appreciated as well. Thanks!



Hi @NurtNurt, unfortunately, I don’t have an “Openlevel” node and this is a freshly created project in 4.6 but thanks for the tips!

Hello mankindforward,

After working with the project that you provided I was able to reproduce the issue. I have submitted a report ( UE-6403) to the development team for further consideration. I will provide updates with any pertinent information as it becomes available.