Simple 3rd person character object

Does anyone have a link to the simplest 3rd person “vehicle” blueprint? It may not even be classified as a vehicle. All we need is a character that floats at a fixed distance and only moves in the xy direction with user inputs. We are going to use it as a overhead 3rd person shooter object. I’m guessing it is just a character with physics disabled and using inputs that either just add/subtract from the x and or y location or add thrust in input direction. Thoughts?

“Top Down” “Twin Stick” templates or the third person template and replace to mesh componant with a static mesh

Forgot about the twin stick template… Thank you! A bit off topic but when I tried to replace the mesh of a character, the box goes red when I tried to use another FBX mesh. Are there unsupported FBX formats?

afaik fbx is supported just import it like any other content
you have to watch though there are differences between a Static Mesh and a Skeletal Mesh

Thank you Geodav! I imported as a skeletal mesh and it would take it. The editors I use normally do this for me so never ran into it before.