Simple 3D game, blueprints help

Simple game in 3D with only walkable Character and shoot in 3D for android.

Creating blueprints:
NPC (Variables: Health)
Weapon (Variables: AmmoType, AmmoMag, TotalAmmo, CurrentAmmo, CurrentMag)
Character (Variables: Health, Armor, WeaponType)
Shoot (Variables: WeaponType)
HUD (Variables: Health, Armor, WeaponType)

and 3D level is ready, but lightmap UV is overlapping.

Have simple mesh for NPC. Need also simple AI for this.
Simple HUD with health percentage text and ammo text. Also two touch button with OnPressed clear function for walk/view and similar button for function shoot.
Need full simplificied blueprints for this.

Also game is packed and main menu is work.

Main menu is white. Texture PNG-file imported in editor. In main menu widget this texture used for background.
Big ~100000 verticles OBJ file imported in mesh, then placed in level and build. When packed ETC2 APK tested on mobile this mesh is corrupted.
Simple mesh with material placed in level and build. In game this mesh is graytexture.

I don’t 100% understand this.

You’re having some issues it seems with the level mesh. It’s not complex but won’t properly render textures and has UV over laps.

First thing is probably to reopen in whatever program you designed it in and do a UV unwrap and make sure it gets imported with the mesh.
Usually that’s all it is, forgotten UV.

Also while there click any buttons you have to clean up. In blender it’s things like “delete loose”
Some times using things like the ANT builder there creates over laps and stuff.

Honestly the landscape builder for unreal actually works well and is quite flexible. If it seems that the terrain is the issue just builder it there.

White main menu, no idea. Is it it’s own level? A widget? Are you streaming?

Main menu with some buttons is white, used simple background texture from PNG file.
Two levels, first with static light and meshes are black, second with dynamic light and meshes are graytexture, but default skysphere is good.
Level with ~100000 verticles one mesh is also black textures and mesh geometry is corrupted.
Levels builded by pressing build button in editor.
Game packed to ETC2 APK. Tested on mobile with this artefacts. In Editor viewport all good working.
Level load system blueprint:

  1. Check number of shaders used in the materials you have applied. For mobile preview they need to be under 8 samplers
    each texture in the material, click on it and change sample method to wrap
  2. If you followed a tutorial, it was probably for PC and they will use things too complicated for mobile. Landscapes will commonly be built by making a material instance for each layer then putting in a single material with a layer node. This won’t rendernin mobile for some reason. You will need to get everything into one regular material.
  3. Uses some smaller textures for the file. Commonly you find them pretty high resolution and mobile can only handle a couple large ones. Make sure they are square, a power of two and get them somewhere around 256x256, 512x512 or 1024x1024

Here is a post where I think I was having a similar problem

Ultimately I had to use no material instances.
There is only ONE make material attributes node. And after making the layer blend node i copy/paste it for normal, roughness etc and just plug into those.

On the widget. At level streaming.

You are adding self to viewport. So, you activate that BP up there removing all widgets from view port (including itself) then add itslef to view port?
Probably need to
“Create widget add to view port” to get the menu going

Material 256x256 in levels is simple texture sample node connected used.
When loaded previous level and change to new level old level rendered on new level. Used Unload stream level to fix this.
Other bug on screenshots:

  1. Main menu is white.
  2. Big mesh from OBJ file ~100000 verticles geometry corrupted.
  3. Static light is black.
  4. Dynamic light is graytexture.