Simple 2D Side Scroller Help

I am looking for someone who’s talented in any sort of helpful topic that’s needed/required to make games in UE4, I’m trying my best to start making games but I would appreciate some help. So for my 2D game I dont have features planned as this is meant to be a fun project that helps me understand unreal better but as I work on the game I will try to think of a few features that would be great to add! I am not expecting any big time commitments but more of a ask a question about the subject your talented in and hopefully you have a answer to help me fully understand a certain topic.

To add on I am 14, live in Texas, speak english, and working towards learning UE4.

If you are interested in helping me here is my contact information:

Discord: Zmanrocks#5476

Twitch/Curse Voice Chat: zmandarocks

Steam: Patyumi (Spongebob Picture)

Also, let me know if you use another communication device besides those listed above and I can see what I can do.