simple 2D character creation software

What would you recommend to use for creating simple 2d pixel characters and other environment arts, like in tappy chicken or starbound/terraria ?
Would that be easy to handle with blender or even possible?

the tappy chicken assets are just plains with textures applied to them, yes it is easy to do with blender, I used blender to make my own versions of the tappy chicken assets.

hope that helps:)

I like this free app for pixel art, Graphics Gale:

Not a specific ‘pixel art’ app but this one is nice also, ‘Spriter’:

Good luck.

thanks alot for your answers. ahh ok so tappy chicken was completely build with the unreal engine only!?
im gonna check your links!

Hi apfelnymous,

No, Tappy Chicken was built using UE4, 3DS Max, and Photoshop. In a future release, Shane is going to redo it using Paper2D and demonstrate how to do it without need an external 3D tool (3DS Max or Maya or Blender), but that hasn’t happened yet. You still need some sort of painting program to do 2D artwork, like Photoshop (the industry standard) or Paint.NET (limited but free). There are a nearly countless variety of painting programs out there, some of which focus on retro 2D pixelated artwork / animation.

Michael Noland

Nice! Im looking forward to see this one! I wanted to start building a 2d sidescroller because Im afraid to loose my last breath on 3d animations. The question is how much animation does a 3d sidecroller need to not look cheap? I dont know. So I guess Ill rather keeping it as simple as possible and focus on the more important parts of a game.

Why not adding also a 2d sidescroller template to the projects menu? :slight_smile:

We’re working on it actually! It’s coming in extremely hot, so it might not make 4.3 though (we’re branching for 4.3 on Monday).

Michael Noland

Wow, you’re right - the web is overfloated with pixel creation software. :confused:

If you want to create a 2d pixel environment in the unreal engine 4, im a bit stucking on how are the unreal texture/material features even involved on this? in the case of tappy chicken the pixels have been painted with photoshop and were placed onto the shapes?

so what would be the order to go on if you can use blender and photoshop to have your painted environment finally in the unreal engine?(what gets where exported or imported). I couldnt find a video telling me that.