Simple 2.5D platformer, where to start?

I’m fairly new to Unreal and have been working a lot in Unity and custom engines, but I’m struggling to find the best way for implementing a 2.5D platformer in Unreal.
I know of the CharacterMovement components and the built-in functionality that those components bring, but it just seems like something that does too much unnecessary stuff and I was wondering what others who are shipping platformers are using.

Is it a better solution to roll your own custom solution or are the built-in components good enough for a responsive platformer?

You might try watching a few video tutorials on YouTube. There’s not a whole lot for 2.5D, but there are a few. Probably enough to give you an idea.

I think the built-in character movement component is more than enough to build a 2.5D platformer. The only things you’d have to build yourself are some specific moves, like wall jumps, double/multiple jumps, wall walks, etc.