Simple 1D Noise function for use in Blueprints

Hi guys
My name is Kris and I’m new in Unreal community. This is my first message so first of all welcome everybody and thank you for sharing your ideas :wink:
I’m working on my 1st Unreal project and yesterday I was surprised to find out that there is no noise function node in the Blueprint editor.
I’m quite familiar with coding and 3d apps so I was like - Whaaaaat!? xD I was very happy to find this plugin - GitHub - devdad/SimplexNoise: * This is a clean, fast, modern and free Perlin Simplex noise function.A - by devdad.
Unfortunately it didn’t work with my engine version and I really don’t have a time to recompile sources. I’ve decided to implement simple 1D noise function
using just Blueprints. For my use 1D is quite enough since I just need to add some organic variation for different float variables. Here’s what I came up with:

It works quite well for me. Later on I’ll add octaves loop to get turbulence noise like effect. If you have some ideas or notes about my approach I’m happy to learn :wink:
Maybe there is simpler solution and I’m just doing it wrong? xD

Welcome to unreal community.

You should add request for this (and more noise nodes) in feedback forums.
Or if you have time to code this, you can contribute to unreal source directly, it may be merged in and you get nice badge here.