Simon - The Caretaker, first scene in UE4

Download link in post #4

Hello guys,
I’ve put together this scene to study UE4 and Substance Painter. The idea is to create a short demo for a story I’m writing and get the experience to move into the gaming industry, hopefully next year when I will move to the US. It took me, on and off, almost 3 months from scratch after I got confident with the basics. I cannot stress enough how easy and fun the whole process was thanks to in UE and Substance. The assets are quite simple and I used mid-poly modelling technique to skip baking on most of them. I’m planning to release them as free assets if there is some interest (they can use some optimisation). C&C are welcome (the editing is temporary). If you have any questions or need help on a project please contact me.

Original music by Vincenza Cabizza
Original architectural/interior design project by Dimitar Karanikolov & Veneta Nikolova.

Software used: Unreal Engine 4.12, Substance Painter, 3DS Max, Photoshop, After Effects/Mocha, Premiere.

Wow this looks really good. I really like the warm colors, gives it a nice cozy vibe.

Thank you mate, it’s the lut from koola demo scene on the marketplace with few changes.

Hello again, I re-worked some of the assets and as I promised I’m releasing them free (as token of gratitude to this community) for personal and commercial use. I plan to update the pack in the future adding and updating more stuff. Just let me know if you use them, give credit and don’t resell inside other model packs. Follow this link to download the zip file. If you like them and you want to buy me a coffee please use on paypal.

wow, pretty cool work ! congrats on it !!
and thx for sharing the assets.

may i ask how you achieved the realistic mirrors ? (they actualy seem to reflect the scene…)

kind regards

Hi, thank you. They actually reflect the scene. Have a look here

thx very much for the link …must have missed that somehow …