Sim Like game

along time ago I played this game for cell phone called Dungeon Village. I loved it so much I played the heck out of it. here is a quick run down of what the game premise is. you are in charge of a village that adventures come to and go out on adventures. they fight monsters and bring back money to your town in buying stuff and other mechanics to help support the town. your job is to build a town and upgrade the facilities making the better so adventures will spend more money. you cannot control the adventures on what they do but you can give them gifts and send them on quests to bring up the towns reputation and get special items as well. there are a few other mechanics like people wanting to move it and boss monsters but my question to you guys is this. if I wanted to recreate this game using the unreal engine where would you start? what tutorials or market place items should I get? its like s simulation but it has rts elements in it, it seems like there might be an advance ai tree and complex interactions between ai’s. I saw a few kits on market place and one demo someone else made links I found Alexander Land: A Blueprint Village Of Weird Stuff - Released Projects - Unreal Engine Forums
RTS Toolkit in Blueprints - UE Marketplace
im just feel so intimidated to in even knowing where to even start, any help for you guys and gals would be appreciated!!

First thing I would suggest, is to put pen to paper and write down what your game is, how you want it to work, what systems are involved, single player or multiplayer etc. Before you start looking at buying assets etc from the Marketplace, you need to have a good feel about what you want your game to be and how you want it to work.

If you don’t have a good plan to start with, then you’re going to end up buying things you don’t need, keep changing your mind on how you want your game to work, keep trying to add new features etc. Basically you’re going to waste alot of your time on things that are not important or part of your original vision for your game.

Once you have an idea, then start slowly. Take 1 game mechanic for example, and try and get it to work. Not only will this give you experience in UE, but focusing on one thing instead of many will make things easier. Try to learn UE a little before you start buying things, as it is likely you may need to make changes to what you buy to suit your game, and without knowing UE, this can be difficult.

Any changes you want to make to your game are going to be easier to do earlier on rather than late in development, so having a good plan or design document in place at the start will be very helpful.

The forums here and youtube can be very helpful in learning what you need, you just need to know what it is you are trying to do first. Just take your time, have fun and don’t try and learn everything at once, there’s no rush.

thanks for the tips I started two udemy series that goes over blueprints and one that goes over c++ coding. currently going through a fps series getting hang of things. I started a running google doc on the game going to get that worked out.