Sim City Assets - 160 3D models

Technically speaking these are in the process of getting to the Market place - but what’s important they are finished and ready for use.

Rendering of about 10% of the 3D models. This was rendered with proper lighting (not in EU4 though)

More models shown - but more basic rendering with desire to achieve a cartoonish look. This was for a tile based game with a cartoonish style. Here you can see about 50% of the 3D models. But they are the same exact models as in the previous link of “Hong Kong”:
(details std video)](
(details HD video)](
(mockup game std video)](
(mockup game HD video)](

Its about 160 3D models, all custom made with 100% copyright ownership:

  • city buildings such as residential buildings, industrial, commercial, cultural, leisure, religious … many parts animated
  • city infrastructure such as roads, railways, bridges
  • vehicles of all kinds: cars, trucks, special vehicles, helicopters and airplanes, boats, ships, yachts, motocycles and cyclists
  • people (modular), animals
  • terrain
  • misc

All models are 3dsmax and exportable to other formats. Some models are animated. Complete with textures etc.

Business side:

  1. Available for sale (preferable - to keep things simple)
  2. Looking for programming team with a proven record. Revenue share or something along those lines.

I’ve also got a game design document for a possible sim city type of game - although there are hundreds of games that could be made with this kind of assets not just sim city type game.

Bump. Anyone?

not trying to be mean, but your video is very bad.
It doesn’t tell us what you are selling.
If I did not read your description, I would have though you are promoting your game.

Preferably, attach image gallery showcasing each model you are selling.
So at least we can visualize how these models can fit into our game.

A good example would be this