Silver or plastic?

This is an important topic for the Off Topic forum… Do you prefer plastic or silver forks? My contention is plastic is better because of its disposal nature… My wife thinks they are tacky, but we only use plastic with good friends, while “important” people we use silver. Additionally, the amount of energy saved by not washing silver forks are huge. I would say in my household alone that our carbon footprint has been reduced dramatically. Therefore, I urge my fellow UE4 developers to ditch the silver and go plastic!


You do realize, that producing plastic is probabaly far more expensive, than simple washing metal/silver forks ?

So how about recycling there friend? Plastic sure are a PITA on airplanes, not sure they’re great for pasta or tough meat dishes either. But open to suggestions…

Lol, I’d end up snapping half of my plastic forks trying to cut something that should really be cut with a knife :stuck_out_tongue:

In some regions i would prefer plastic for sure, because drinkwater could harm your silver there!

Not when the plastic forks are produced in belgium!

Really? When I go to Costco I can get a pack of plastic forks (1000) for like $4.99. Now… Imagine how many times I would need to run the dishwasher! Bah! Plastic!

They make different strengths in plastic… Some are great for dainty deserts like a nice cheese cake… While others are far more industrial and can handle even the most low-grade steak.

I use stainless steel, plastic is really bad for us all. It never degrades, it is like glass, and its particles can last forever, but unlike glass (which is just melted silicon) plastic is toxic and floats in water. Then you get some **** like “great pacific garbage patch” made mostly out of your plastic forks. Enjoy your seafood dishes, maybe will not happen for us but fishes eaten by our grandchildren (if there are any fishes left) will have more plastic inside than their forks.

I still do not understand why Europe makes so big fuss over Co2 and does not care about plastic garbage.

Its funny huh!
The plastic garbage causes more harm then Co2 ever will.

I call it blind caring. They do care, but are blind to real problems! (Like how electric vehicles might not use gas… But batterys are worse overall!)

I’ve been using silverware from the 1950’s that my family owns.
And it seems better to clean a little and save money in the long run.

And plastic has some weird junk in it man. Not the best stuff ever.

If ever there was a reason NOT to use plastic its the chemicals and other junk that’s inside of plastic forks…

Guys, please tell me you know that I am being BEYOND STUPID with this discussion… Need a little levity at work, super busy!

But was tasty!

Yeah, like the which pizza thread, it gets you thinking about lunch / dinner at least…

When i was trailing in California I had my trusty silver coated knife and fork which never let me down. 100% precision every time. I don’t think plastic would have survived in my pack very long or against the bears and raccoons (and the pesky squirrels).

That was quite a trip you took if you are from N. I. – I live in Central California and its cool because I’m about 2.5 hours to the best beaches and mountains!

I believe it took most of the day to get over to California, same on the way back! But the good thing was our little group was over for a total of 2 months (with the first 2 weeks being trailing and bouldering etc). We went to Lake Tahoe and Yosemite (Lake Tahoe was my fave because you were literally out in the wilderness on your own the whole time). Have to say though we met some awesome people on the trip and helped us out alot with having places to stay. 10/10 would do again.

What a cool trip!! When the kids are gone (yeah!!, j/k), my wife and I want to spend about two months in Europe. We’re big fans of football and we want to see PSG (fav team), Real Madrid (2nd fav!) and Liverpool. My wife likes the new coach (Kloop), says he looks like Niles from Frasier!

Also, near me in there is a wilderness called Dinkey Lakes and its a series of small lakes way up… long hike (for me at least), but I just love sitting on the shore of those calm lakes and doing…NOTHING!


Sounds great! I can remember there were definitely parts of the trip where I felt I was dying because the heat was so immense at times (plus carrying a 20kg+ backpack 1000’s of feet up mountains). I don’t think many of us on our wee island were built for that kind of environment and intensity lol. You should definitely do it sometime, it’s worth seeing different cultures as it can be such an eye-opener. I’m not into football at all, I’m a rugby guy myself but yeah definitely try and plan it!