Silentio Insanus T.G.O.F.M

Project Name: Silentio Insanus
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Recreat4
Platforms: PC, MAC, LINUX
Release Data: 2017

Life of an ordinary archeologist is boring and measured. And now , who is at an age when the fuse of enthusiasm still allows stuck in adventure, forced to hang around in the hot sun of the desert, somewhere in the suburbs of Persepolis. Drab existence suddenly interrupts by the mysterious discovery - a iron cube, whose surface is covered with a variety of labels, exuding a faint glow. Upon arrival back home in New York, scientist, without losing a moment, went to the local library in order to find information about the artifact. However, in any treatise on the history of the ancient peoples of the East is not detected no hint of the discovery. When the archaeologist behind desperate latest study is a rack with books, with the nearest shelf, by chance, falls not previously seen by the instance, and the first pages of his hero finds illustrate the desired object. Then refers to the librarian and finds out that this book is not listed in the archive, and he sees her for the first time. Leaving without reference to this fact, the archaeologist hurries home so immersed himself in the study of the extracted treasure. Deciphering ancient text tie pleasantly surprised hero - it turned out that a mysterious cube is the very fabulous “Lamp Of genie,” only the true name of the artifact sounds less positive - “Receptacle of fiery genie.” Artifact’s description, among other things, accompanied by a warning that there is a way to subdue sealed only the wisest of mankind, otherwise calling risks incurring the endless agony of agony in a dream world. As a typical representative of his profession, ignores superstitious predictions that leads to unforeseen consequences for him …

is this UE3/UDK or UE4?

Unreal Engine 4