Silent Hills Cancelled


Congratulations Konami you’ve made me officially hate you.

That said I’m not sure what I was expecting. Konami has failed to do this series just since Team Silent left, so I’m not that surprised that the one time Silent Hill might go back to its roots they axe it.

At this point I’m less interested in the game and more in the developer.
I wonder what Kojima did to have Konami retaliate in such a way.

~ Jason

I disliked konami before but now… I hate them for this. Stupid Konami. Hope they resurect it. shot in the dark, I know. But it’s nice to hope isn’t it? :slight_smile:

I personally was really looking forward to Silent Hills and that’s saying a lot, I normally dislike horror games. P.T. got me quite hyped about it. I’m sad that this may never be a thing, but at least there is still MGS V to look forward to.

I’m disappointed, but I’m more disappointed they decided to pull the PT demo. I don’t really see what they have to gain by making sure people can’t download it.