[SignOn Bonus][Pay-per-asset][RevShare] LF Character, 3D Generalist, VFX, and UI Artist

Forlorn Outcast

A souls-like game where balancing powerful magic and combo-filled melee combat is a constant struggle. The world of Tilsa is invaded by demons that feast on magic and those gifted with magic. Casting spells may alleviate your suffering temporarily, but be warned, excessive magic empowers your foes and is a one-way ticket to an early grave.

Who are we?

We are Griever Games, a game studio made up of 16 talented and passionate developers, with a variety of skill sets, and years of experience. Our ambition is to bring detailed and interesting worlds to life, while creating challenging experiences for players. Our current project, Forlorn Outcast, is almost midway through development and we are hoping you may join us. For more information on Griever Games, please visit our website at:


We work within a Stylized PBR art style, or more accurately worded a Stylized-realism hybrid. Think 65% stylized and 35% realistic. Fable is a great style comparison. We have an art style guide, documentation and a team of people experienced in the art style who can be on-hand to help. However, if stylized artwork doesn’t interest you, or you don’t like a workflow which incorporates a lot of sculpting (for the most part), then this probably isn’t the project for you. In addition, based on past experiences of people joining the team, typically if you have no experience with an art style close to ours (i.e. 0 stylized work), then you may struggle.

Feedback, asset tasks, and overall direction is given by the Art Lead, but the whole process is very collaborative where the whole art team provides feedback to one another and is willing to lend a hand when needed.

If applying please make sure you know the entire 3D art workflow from blockout – high poly – low poly – unwrapping – baking – texturing – importing game ready assets into the engine (Unreal Engine 4).

VFX Style Description

Just like the 3D artwork, the VFX takes a blended approach of stylized and realistic. Using a fire effect to be used on a torch as an example…. The base of the shapes and masks used will be representative and readable as a real flame. However, they may be elongated, tapered, flared etc. to provide a more stylized form. The colors of the effects will remain flat for the most part. There should be realistic variation amongst the flat color e.g. a flame may go from deep red to a deep orange over time. It may also have embers and smoke coming from it, spraying off in different directions to make it a believable and immersive effect.

Ideally all VFX are believable, immersive, and representative of what it is, but avoiding any realistic textures being used, sticking to flat color and emissive as much as possible.

VFX is a reasonably unexplored area of this project so there will be an element of ‘finding our feet’ when we begin work with this new team member!

UI Style Description

The UI is an unexplored area of this project. Overall, we’re looking for a diverse UI artist who can come in, understand the aim, work from various references/concepts, and work alongside the team to iteratively achieve the look we want

About the positions

We are offering a $150 sign on bonus for 3D artists plus rev share.
We are willing to purchase VFX and UI assets from a skilled artist or welcome them to the team for rev-share. Please let us know which option you prefer when sending your portfolio.
The 3D character designer can be a split between hourly pay and rev share.

If you are interested in joining the team as an Artist, please send us your portfolio. [EMAIL=“”]

You may also contact the lead via discord: zstrife#1278

Finally, we do have a project showcase video which we shared about 7-8 months ago:…ForlornOutcast

The video will give you a little more insight into the way we work. The build at least 7 months old and doesn’t show the progress made since that time but should provide the general direction and workflow we are using.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this!

Griever Games

We are full on narrative and audio positions.