[SignOn Bonus] Looking for 3d artists, programmer, and narrative person


Griever Games is currently seeking to fill a narrative designer, programmer, and 3D Environment Artist position, within our team to work on our game: Forlorn Outcast.

For information on Forlorn Outcast and what it is, please visit our WIP website at:

Who are we?

We are Griever Games, a new Indie game studio made up of 12 talented and passionate developers, with a variety of skill sets. Our ambition is to bring detailed and interesting worlds to life, while creating challenging experiences for players. Our current project, Forlorn Outcast, is in early development and we are hoping you may join us. For more information on Griever Games, please visit our website at:


We are looking for a Narrative Designer. Forlorn Outcast is a single player game with a narrative experience throughout. We are developing a large dark fantasy world, and there are many creative narrative opportunities to explore throughout the game, from the main story, to the smaller (but equally awesome) environmental stories we tell to enrich the world.

Something we do want to emphasize is that we are looking for narrative design for all elements of the game. This includes:

· The main story the player will experience within the game

· Backstory and Lore to inform developers of the world they are bringing to life and enrich the experience for players interested in knowing more.

· Creating all the various diary entries, book pages and notes which can be discovered and read within the world.

· All the character narration from our main protagonist. The protagonist will interact with various locations, items, abilities, enemies etc. A lot of this will require voice lines.

Another point worth noting is that the project has been in-development for approximately a year now and we do have some narrative foundations in place so we can progress with a narrative direction in mind. With this in mind, it does mean there is an element of having to work around a foundation already in place. Environments are already in place, and whilst we can make additions (dependent on scope), we need the narrative designer to work with us in these situations, and that does mean working around certain aspects. So, if you are looking for a project where you can build the narrative from the ground up on a clean slate, this isn’t the project for you. If you can take a foundation and steer it in a fitting and interesting direction whilst still respecting the current development and processes, we have within the team, then this may be the project for you.


We are also looking for a programmer to join our team and work alongside our current programming team (made up of 2 programmers) Forlorn Outcast is made up of a combo-based combat system, alongside synergy-based AI, meaning there is plenty of interesting work to dive into.

We work within Unreal Engine 4, so experience with this engine is required, alongside C++ knowledge and experience.


Finally, we are looking for a couple of 3D environment artists to help bring our world to life. You’ll be joining and working alongside our art team consisting of 3 environment artists and 2 character artists.

Feedback, asset tasks, and overall direction is given by the Art Lead, but the whole process is very collaborative where the whole art team provides feedback to one another and is willing to lend a hand when needed.

It’s hard to say exactly what assets you’ll be working on, given the fantasy setting, but we can say that you’ll be working on a variety of assets across a range of environments from snowy mountain passes to small primitive villages to Seurri – the grand capital city containing buildings such as cathedrals and palaces.

If applying please make sure you know the entire 3D art workflow from blockout – high poly – low poly – unwrapping – baking – texturing – importing the asset into the engine (Unreal Engine 4)

Also keep in mind that this is 3D art for a game, so please have experience with game-ready meshes and baking.

The second ‘condition’ of sorts is our art style. We work within a Stylized PBR art style, or more accurately worded a Stylized-realism hybrid. Think 65% stylized and 35% realistic. Fable is a great style comparison. We have an art style guide, documentation and a team of people experienced in the art style who can be on-hand to help. However, if stylized artwork doesn’t interest you, or you don’t like a workflow which incorporates a lot of sculpting (for the most part), then this probably isn’t the project for you. In addition, based on past experiences of people joining the team, typically if you have no experience with an art style close to ours (i.e. 0 stylized work), then you may struggle.

About the positions

When applying, please have a portfolio you can show. At this point, we are offering a $150 sign on bonus for artists. It will be paid out after the completion of an agreed upon number of assets. The position is also a rev-share model. We do not require a CVs or polished personalised websites (if you have one, great!), but the main point being, it doesn’t need to be anything advanced, we just need to see your work. Artstation is the best way to go if you do have one (quick, simple, effective).

If you are interested in joining the team as a Narrative Designer, Programmer or Environment Artist, please get in contact via:

The Project Lead’s Discord ID - zstrife#1278



Both methods of contact work fine.

Finally, we do have a company and project showcase video which we shared a 4-5 months ago:…ForlornOutcast

The video will give you a little more insight into the way we work, what we’re looking for and how the project progress is going (although it is from a build at least 4 months old)

Either way, feel free to check it out for more info and for an insight into what the project is visually heading towards.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this!

Griever Games