Signing key and certificate

Don’t suppose anyone can help. I’m trying to package the game for IOS following this tutorial. 16 - iOS Set-up and Development - YouTube
I’ve created the account downloaded the certificate with matching key and mobile provision. When I import then to UE4 it status says valid which I presume it means it’s accepted. However, if I try to import it into the iPhonePackager.exe no tick appears. not even a yellow line. Also if I package for IOS it says there is no signing key or certificate.

Some pictures for reference. Help would be very appreciated.


  1. If you’ve imported the cert to UE4 and signed it there then you don’t need to use iPhone packager.
  2. If you’re using iPhone packager because you unzipped the IPA and changed something after signing it, you need to install the certificates to your OS as well. That’s where iPhone Packager finds them.