Significant change in version 4.7's Third Person Template?!

Dear anybody,

I see a big difference in the Third Person Template in version 4.7, compared to previous versions. In the ‘new’ Third Person Template, the playable blue man seems to be already ‘placed’ in the level and thus vissible before the play button is pressed to launch the game itself. To me it looks like the entire character Blueprint ‘asset’ is dragged into the level itself on forehand?! Now, after completely setting up my own character, based on Zack’s Third Person tutorials, setting ‘game mode override’ in ‘world settings’ doesn’t seem to be enough anymore to see my own character playable after launching the game?! Only if I completely remove the blue man, along with his capsule, spring arm and camera from te level, I see my own character spawn, from ‘player start’ though!

Can anybody tell me where these changes, which I described above, are set? How can I get my character into the level (like the blue man is, nowadays), so that when the game is launched, I see MY character being playable and that I start (like with the blue man) at the location where MY character was initially placed in the level?! Has all this got anything to do with the Level Blueprint maybe?!



Problem (for as far as there was a problem in the first place) SOLVED!!!

When I select the blue man asset, as a whole, in the level, than in the details panel ‘Auto Possess Player’ is set to ‘Player 0’. When I drag my own character Blueprint into the level and select it, I see ‘Auto Possess Player’ being set to ‘Disabled’. When I set the blue man to ‘Disabled’ and my own character to ‘Player 0’, Than I see my own character being playable and being spawned from the location where I initially placed it.