Signature, where it is now?

What about members signature? They have all disappear and after searching in all settings, I didn’t saw where it is?

It’s always the same with forums upgrades, some aspects are cooler BUT some basic functionalities aren’t there anymore, functionalities that are considered as basic essentials for forums, like signature, avatar, etc.

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I vote for bringing these back, somehow. This wasn’t terribly important to me personally (though I liked having links to all my projects ;)…

However, IMHO a lot of users rely heavily on these signatures to bring attention to their projects, marketplace creations, social accounts, etc.

Please find some way to bring these back, such as Discourse Signatures - plugin - Discourse Meta



Not sure why many companies continue to switch the communities away from classic forums… I still found classic forums far superior than modern alternatives.


I believe the new update has a community debugging purpose. The change usually affects many, like when we move from ue4 to ue5, many will love it and others will not, and this is based on simple things like computing power of each user. Now, the signatures or the website of each user, goes in the profile and if someone is interested in that person will surely want to know more about it.

As it was mentioned. The signature was a way of self-promotion. We can’t even upload custom avatars now. Everyone look-alike in my eyes.

What I perceive is that they seem to be encouraging more participation in the community, each time you level up, you will have access to new privileges, among those can be uploading an avatar, put a signature, make a survey etc.

A Signature would be nice, but not sure if it will happen.

But the old forum had a 500 character limit, so including thumbnail images with custom designed shortcodes was a hassle as well.

I saw discussion on one of the other threads about one-line or text-only signatures… IMHO even that would be beneficial for those people trying to link to their projects or social media, without adding significant visual clutter or disrupting the “flow” as you scan down over a discussion thread. Here’s a simple Shotophop as an example:

Just a horizontal rule, followed by the user’s markdown, and using the otherwise unutilized whitespace to the left of the post action icons.

Alternatively, determined users could always manually insert signatures at the end of every post (as I will demonstrate in this post), by copy/pasting their markdown manually each time, e.g.:

*** [eternalapex]( | []( | [twitter @acatalept](

However, this is obviously a bad idea as it will cause duplicate signatures in case a real signature function is eventually implemented, and is unmanageable long-term since users’ sigs tend to change over time.

Additionally, this just adds to the vertical real estate of a post, instead of using the existing extra whitespace (as could be done with a built-in signature function).

Sample fake signature using the above code:

eternalapex | | twitter @acatalept


Tempting, clickable, ripe for exploration.

A signature system would be good.


Also, you don't need to limit yourself to a one line signature...

… if you hide your signature like this. Just make the text something eye-catching (just like a title of something), and the contents are your signature and links.

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So it looks like signatures got replaced with a list of posts that reference the post your reading.

Here’s the original post being referenced. Go to the bottom to find all the posts that reference it.

Logged out to check if it was visible to everyone: yes. Checked other posts in other threads to see if it happened to those, too: yes. So this is why signatures are gone.

Also, notice how the references are placed UNDER the reply buttons, whereas your fake signature are placed OVER the reply buttons (since it’s part of the post).

Strange, I’m not quite sure I see the utility of this… although no great harm, perhaps it would be better hidden behind one of the action icons below each post (Like, Link, Flag, etc… maybe a Mentions button with a number to indicate how many?)

But stranger is that this is so far below the post in question, especially with all the whitespace at the bottom of each post.

I’m not sure I believe signatures were removed in order to add this functionality – I suspect sigs were removed to reduce visual clutter, the same way signature images used to be restricted in size. But to this end, they should be able to restrict sigs to text-only (which would still provide a lot of the previous functionality, while retaining the cleaner Discourse look).

Great suggestion!

I also really don’t care about the old signature system, as long as there are options that do the work - and also I hope the newer forum does allow more flexibility in general (due to newer tech?!), compared to the old platform

Have You been to Localized forums? Like Europe. They are all mushed together.

That second division “international” is useless:

Would definitely like to see signatures return. It was one of the primary drivers to my marketplace assets, and no doubt many other marketplace creators.

well actually, can you elaborate again?
I do not find “Marketplace Creator/Rocket Beta Users”

Right beside the username for some people, there’s a “Marketplace Creator”, “Engine Contributor”, etc. Like on S-ed’s & SE_JonF’s posts.