Signal 11 On start

I got my own Unreal Project. When I try to start the project it will give signal 11. I’m using Linux Mint 17. The project was working before.

In my case it happens when I restore the Layout setting of the windows. But it had happened before more often. I think it has something to do with the threads, after all it does start up again after some waiting.

The project works only after long wait (doing nothing really) or a reboot of the PC.

See GDB report.
See txt file for the startup crash

EDIT: Also when I close the project ‘normally’ the project give a signal 11 as well. Because of the size of the core dump, this file I uploaded here:

Hey Dangerous_I-

Does the Signal 11 occur for any project you attempt to open or is it specific to a single project? When you say the project was working before, what was added / worked on prior to when this started happening? If possible can you describe how your project is setup to help me test this on my machine?


I only have 1 project where I work on.

I was busy in a blue print window as far I can remember correctly. I was almost at the end of this tutorial: BP Twin Stick Shooter: Building the Enemy Character | 08 | v4.8 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube.

Try to install Linux Mint first. It happens on a Linux machine. I was creating a 3rd person game. Similar to the video I sent to you, nothing really special. Then I closed the window ‘construction script’ in blueprint. I didn’t knew how to bring it back. After all it was not listing in the ‘window’ menu.

So, I decided to reset the layout under Window menu to bring the construction script window back within the bluesprint window.
From that moment Unreal Engine Editor tries to restart, but it failed.

My guess is that some threads are not closed correctly or some other memory cause which results into the signal 11 error at startup.

Hey Dangerous_I-

I have not seen a signal 11 error when starting a project however I was able to reproduce the signal 11 when closing a project and have entered a ticket for investigation (UE-25111).


Thanks for creating the ticket. When you got strange signal 11 errors, from that moment it can happen you also get signal 11 at the start-up of your project. After all the memory is not yet fully released (is what I think, what’s happening).

Ah I found crash info directories within the Linux folder. See attachment for them all. Maybe it can be useful?? I text