"sign in to buy" issue

Hello guys,

Having issues with the Marketplace, every time I want to get content all I get is “sign in to buy”, attempt this and again back to “sign in to buy”.

I have attempted:

  • log out and back in - no fix.
  • restart both launcher and PC - no fix
  • checked Internet / DNS / Firewall settings - no fix

I have attached the log files.

Can someone please assist, as this is driving me nuts.


link text

Weve got the same problem

I can buy nothing.

I just bought something from the Marketplace and I’m getting the exact same issue. It keeps telling me to sign in again and again.

same problem

Same issue here from the editor, but found that I can buy from the web, and then download it from the launcher via Library section and add to project.

same issue here, MichaelIAN your work around did the trick for me :slight_smile: