Sign in restrictions


I have been getting this quite a bit recently. Is there anyway developers can bypass this. I signed in offline, however I couldnt install new version of the engine or anything else



Seriously, this is riduclous and very restrictive to the development process - particularly of full time developers.

its because of Fortnite, too much players. Im very very upset. Why is there no production mode for developers?

Ahhhh so im not the only one, im new in unreal dev. and i tought i have some issue with my pc, so i reinstalled several times and almost through out of the window my whole pc :D:D:D

So just have to w8 for the fix, thanks

I’ve got the Same, Think you should set it when there is Paid assets on the account we should be able to sign in quicker, Waiting a hour to add assets to my project witch i brought yesterday

Surely developers should be able to bypass this but I am guessing from your reactions this is not the case :frowning:

I experience the same. Really annoying! I mean it coul be (but actually should never happen) that you have so many login attempts at the same time that the servers can’t handel it and you have to delay the login, but 1 hour? seriously? Something with your back-end is wrong epic!

This is ridiculous. I can’t even access the offline mode. When I click the skip button, it just gets stuck on the “signing you into your account” screen. So basically, I can’t access the launcher or the editor now.

While it’s definitely annoying as hell and the launcher for Fortnite should be it’s own client(I’m assuming it’s Fortnite causing this), just open up the editor from the folder while you wait for the launcher to log in…


Or if you have a project simply double-click .uproject file :slight_smile:
You only need a launcher to download stuff.

This is actually really unprofessional from epic. I mean it’s great their game is doing well but come on really? :confused:

Anyone who’s paid a subscription or bought marketplace content in the past with an older account should be in some sort of priority dev login list. If this is annoying to us small creators i got to wonder how it looks to proper devs and studios.

Please get it sorted and improve security while you’re at it. I had to remove payment info due to all the issues going on at the moment.

Welcome to Fortnite on weekends…
(even though you may not play it at all ^^)

I experienced this as well.