Sight stops working when not near map center

I have strange bug in my project using 4.10. AIPerception stop updating sight when getting certain distance (~1km) away from map center (build around thirdperson example). In debug view, the sight balls no longer appear and the events dont return any sight updates. Only hearing remains working. I should have settings right and no issues near the map center. There sight work 100% time. Outside certain distance 0% times. Epic staff have been helping great, but havent figured out yet what is happening. Just in case is here someone else with the same issue? Working with blueprints but now also installed the editor to use C++, any files I should check?

Example of the issue. Green ball stops following player even there is no visibility block. When getting more far from that location, the sight dont work at all (even AI would stand next to you).

whilst i don’t know alot, maybe i can throw this out, you’ve probably looked at it already though…could it be something with Max Draw Distance ?

Hi, thanks :slight_smile: but yes shouldnt be related to that. Meshes and other are drawn normally where the issue appears. And if you meant the sight range, the target have always been inside it but no effect. Very strange issue, have tried to find solution for weeks. Remade the controller in 4.10 but no help. Epic still cant reproduce the issue so something strange with my map, volumes or assets. But cant understand why it works near the map center. There shouldnt be anything different when getting over the strange map range that breaks the sight for AI units that are outside of it.

Found out that procedural foliage volumes are causing the issue. Cant wait to see it fixed especially if it affects in build game. (or nevermind, can just change the size to 1)