Siege Dungeon Crawler Project

This project was for a university module so it has been completed in about 9-ish weeks, i created the framework, blueprints and level all art and other assets were sourced. Just thought to share with the community for any feedback.

Asset packs used:
Infinity blade firelands
Infinity blade icelands
Infinity blade grassland
Infinity blade effects
Infinity blade adversaries
Mixamo characters and animations
The font and sounds were sourced online and I don’t have the exact references atm as they were gathered in a mad rush but I’ll try and updated this later.

Its still very rough and has its fair share of bugs and issues but under the time constraints I’m happy with the results.
I know Siege is spelt incorrectly but it slipped under the radar until the deadline was too close

This looks really great. I wish this came in a template as a starting point. I am not good with art at all but this looks like the kind of game project I have been wanting to work on but with no luck on a starting point. Would you happen to know if there is a starter template like this anywhere for unreal?