SideScroller Use Pawn In Level Don't Spawn

Hi all,

I’m trying to get MyCustomCharacter (Character) class that I created to be used the same as the SideScrollerBP (Character) and could use some assistance.

The SideScrollerBP doesn’t appear to use a PlayerStart it is dragged into the level and when play is pressed it is assumed. The same doesn’t happen when I switch to MyCustomCharacter. Instead, a new one is spawned at the NetworkPlayerStart- unlike the SideScrollerBP.

  • MyCustomCharacter is set as the default Pawn in the Game Mode
  • The level blueprint doesn’t have any spawn logic in it


IMO, using a spawn point is a better solution once your game mode is set up, so you might try working that way instead. The method you’re using isn’t wrong though.

I think the difference between the default character and yours is that the default character is placed, and then has “Auto Posses Player” set to Player 0. You can find it by selecting your placed character in the level, and then looking in the details panel. It might not be worded exactly “Auto Posses Player”, but it’s something close to that.

Thank you, Ecnassianer.

Any reason why that isn’t in any of the common information on the site? It seems like the interface suffers from a lot of disjointed instructions when it comes to the tutorial projects and the expected workflow.