Sidescroller UMG map system

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I made this for my game. If you have any questions, I will endeavor to get back to you in 24-48 hours.
The fastest way to reach me is : support(at)

Here is a Youtube link of the product overview.

Video Tutorials for use and customization can be found here:
Part One (Understanding map size):
Part Two (revealing map areas):
Part Three (activating the UI):
Part Four (custom UI buttons):



Sidescroller UMG map system

This is a 3d scroller mapping system. This product is designed to help your level design work flow, and implement a world map UI. It is meant as a starting point for your game.

UI Features:

  1. UMG widget to map all of your levels in the game
  2. Unlimited map area reveals
  3. Easy to use save game object for revealing new areas of the map to the player. Works independently of your existing save game or checkpoint system.
  4. Tracks the player where ever they are on the map.
  5. Easily add important icon interactions to your map. Clickable events, such as transporting the player to a new level. (example shown in the down loadable project)
  6. When opening up the map it will focus on the players position.
  7. Works with all monitor resolutions and aspect ratios

Level Design features:

  1. Use the ready made grid to map out your levels.
  2. Any size world works. 3 example sizes are given.
  3. Easy to adjust user variables for your world size.
  4. Every level is still just that, its own level. (use 100 levels or one)
  5. Several work flow options for building your world.
    Option 1
    A) start off with a sketch( or illustrator or photoshop file) of your levels and layout your geo.
    B) use your level sketch as the starting map for your map UI
    C) continue to refine , everything is easy to update.
    Option 2
    A) use the 10x 10 grid as is and rough out your world in Unreal.

For a similar example of the kind map UI you could create with these blueprints, have a look at “The Swapper game map.” ( made by another company , this is a great game by the way)

This system works with any number of levels that occupy unique world space. In other words, if you have a hundred levels and they all overlap the same world space, this will not work. If you wanted a system that handled this you would need to manage offsets for each and every level.


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Greg (aka Renderdog)

Sorry Grez Notzelman, i have some very stupid questions ( my English is not good so i can not understand what you wrote )

  1. Can it auto generate road-mesh for characters running on it ?
  2. Can i use umg 2d picture displayed runtime ?

My purpose is finding a product could do two matters above.

Thank you, Grez!