SideScroller Template - Inherited/Hidden Player Controller?

When I wanted to make a sidescroller I used the sidescroller template as an example instead of a starting point. This cost me hours while I tried to mimmick the camera setup - the pawn orients to the camera, in the template it doesn’t.

Then I came across a thread on the answer hub saying that it uses an inherited hidden / uneditable player controller. First of all - why? The templates are there to learn from, we aren’t necessarily going to be using them and we can’t learn a single thing if we can’t even see what’s going on.

Eventually I resorted to using the template as a starting point because the options were identical and checked a hundred times over and still no identical result. This fixed it and I never knew why, until now.

My project corrupted recently, I’ve rebuilt everything using the old stuff as an example. Hah, I also didn’t start from the sidescroller template because I had forgotten. Now I have a massive blueprint that can’t be copy/pasted (crashes/corrupts) and took ages to setup that is completely useless.

There are no good ways to copy blueprint data safely or efficiently so that is not an option.

So, how do I set my character blueprint to use the same (hidden) controller that the template uses? Also… please don’t do this, it’s really bad practice.