Sidescroller Template: Can't figure out how to make a simple character respawn after adding simple killz volume and colliding with it

Hello UE4 Community!

For the past few days I have been trying to find a simple process to have the basic character from the sidescroller template touch a KillZ Volume, die, and then respawn at the player start. Something is telling me that the player start only happens once when the game first begins, but am not sure.

Of the tutorials I found, many of them do this for non-sidescroller games, but for some reason it doesn’t work for when I try them in the 3D Sidescroller template

From opening a fresh copy of the sidescroller template, could somebody show me step by step, how to properly create a KillZ volume, create 1 spawn point, then have the player touch the KillZ volume, die, and then respawn at the spawn point?

Thank you!

This shoul do the trick:

In player character select the Functions Override button to the left and select “Destroyed”. This is the function that is called when you contact KillZ. You just have to create a new character and spawn it on player start

Thank you so much! This worked beautifully :slight_smile: