Sidescroller Template Aiming

Hello, I’m trying to implement a character aiming system using the sidescroller template. What I’m aiming for(!) is the ability for the player to aim their weapon a full 360* degrees around the character using the right joystick.

What’s confusing though, is whether or not the engine has a aim vector, eye/look direction already built in. Looking at the FPS example, it seems like it uses this function to get that angle:

PlayerController->GetPlayerViewPoint(CamLoc, CamRot);

However, when I use this for my project, it returns the camera’s facing direction.

I also tried using GetBaseAimRotation from my custom character class, but it always points in the same direction the player spawned in, even if the character has turned around.

I also tried using the character’s base rotation property, but adjusting the pitch of that actually rotates the player model up.

It seems like there is functionality for a look direction already implemented in the base classes, but I’m at a loss on how to use it. Should I just track my own eye/aiming direction? Or is there a way to enable this?

So after doing some digging I found this:

But it seems like this wouldn’t add the desired aiming up and down functionality that I’m looking for.